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Why is Eye Level so effective?


Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When an instructor understands the learning needs of a student, the teaching are most effective.


As a leading provider in supplemental education for Math, English, Eye Level learning centers strive to teach and tutor children ages 3-16 in basic learning skills.


Eye Level is a supplemental education program that originated in Korea about 30 years ago and now has over 2.5 million children enrolled world-wide. We are the leading provider of supplemental education in the areas of Math and English


Eye Level Study Programs


Diagnostic Assessment


The diagnostic test will provide insight into the student’s ability and learning needs. It is utilized to determine the best place to start the student in the Eye Level curriculum.


Initial Starting Point


This helps students build confidence to help ensure future success in proceeding levels.


Self Directing Learning


Students will follow a self-directed learning method and develop independent learning skills in our Eye Level learning centers. Instructors will provide guidance to students as they move throughout their individualized program.




Before a student can proceed to the next level, an Eye Level instructor will give each student a level test to evaluate if they have achieved mastery, before moving on to a skill set.




Directors/Instructors provide consultation and communicate with parents regarding their children's learning progress on a regular basis.


Small Steps to Success


All concepts and skills in the Eye Level program are interrelated. Mastery of basic foundational skills is necessary before advancing to more complex skills, resulting in improvement of a child’s accuracy and speed when completing more complex questions.


The Lasting Benefits for your Child


Commitment to your child


No matter what your reason for attending Eye Level, we are committed to providing your child with the most positive experience possible. This pervades everything we do, down to the program we select for your child, and their interaction with our thoroughly trained staff.


Eye Level has the best curriculum around


There is simply no competition when it comes to the quality of instruction and curriculum that you will find at Eye Level. We are the only center worldwide who offer a Critical Thinking component as part of our Math program. Furthermore, our curriculum is developed in a way that allows children to make progress and proceed through levels.


Individualized Instruction


While our curriculum is developed structurally, each child is assessed individually. Our instructors tailor our curriculum by understanding each child’s abilities from their eye level.




"My child has been enrolled in Eye Level for almost a year for English and Math. Before enrollment, my child was not willing to attend the institution. However, after a couple of sessions, she wanted to continue in both programs. She liked the teaching method, but more than that, she loved the faculty-an important factor for children. At that time, she was struggling with self-motivation. After her months in the math and English program, she is finally gaining her full potential. It’s not just the curriculum, it’s the specific attention she has been receiving that has helped her become more responsible, and raised her grades and overall G.P.A. We are impressed with their training program and would recommend it to other parents as well".
--Ranjit Singh, Eye Level Parent

“Eye Level is great for my girls. The kids can't always see the immediate benefit, but I know how invaluable solid math skills will be for them. The girls look forward to seeing their instructor. She provides a good mix of positive and critical feedback such that they are motivated to do a good job. In addition to building speed, accuracy and confidence with computations, the Eye Level curriculum incorporates critical thinking and reasoning exercises - building valuable skills in math and beyond. Lauren was invited to represent her school at a math competition, and I really appreciated how the Eye Level team provided specialized instruction to help her with the particular concepts for the competition. Finally, it has been great how the kids have been able to move at their own pace - advancing levels when they didn't need additional instruction and spending more time on areas they had not yet mastered. I see Eye Level as doing much more than helping them to do well in school. Rather, it's strengthening mathematical proficiency.”
--Carla Robinson, Eye Level Parent

“My three children love Eye Level. The teachers are enthusiastic and positive. The Math program has helped them to excel. In school, English was a struggle, and the program has helped them understand and master those trouble spots. We are very happy parents!! -- Karen Lally (Parent)​

"I believe Eye Level is the best academic enrichment program for students. The Eye Level methodology empowers students to become self-motivated learners while also helping them to achieve higher educational levels; both are necessary skills that will prepare them for their competitive future in education. Eye level provides students with a solid learning foundation; each time my son tackles a new challenge, he improves his own performance and his overall comprehension of the concept, bringing him one step closer to being able to handle the rigors of high school. The teaching staff are incredibly caring and well trained-they provide a fun learning environment which always leaves my son motivated to attend the next class".
--Lana Darwish (parent of Eye Level Orland Park)

In May 2014, a news article on the EYE LEVEL center in Orland Park was published in the Family Magazine. Please read:- http://www.pageturnpro.com/Family-Time-Magazine/57850-May-2014/default.html?bookurl=57850#page/10
--Family Magazine

“We believe the Eye Level of Orland Park is an asset to the community as it offers adaptable educational services for children. The leadership team is phenomenal and understands the importance of education and focuses on each child's learning style. The worldwide educational market is competitive and Eye Level will allow our children the opportunity to compete globally; while having fun and learning in a safe and caring environment.” Dr. and Mrs. Smith
-- Dr. and Mrs. Smith, Eye Level Orland Park, (Parents)

On Feb 20th, a news article on the EYE LEVEL center in Orland Park was published in the Prairie News paper. Please read:- http://www.opprairie.com/local-professor-open-new-eye-level-learning-center
--Orland Park Prairie


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